Production Planning

Optimal utilization of the production capacity is essential for companies to gain ground in the current market. Despite all, practically applicable outof-the-box software solutions in the field of  production planning are hardly available and mostly provide unsatisfactory planning proposals due to the complex demands of today’s economy. RISC Software develops for its costumers individually customized production planning software products with mathematical optimization algorithms.

Why individually customized production planning software?

Ideal adaptation to production and manufacturing processes
Exact representation of the machinery and shift calendar
Suitable for all industries
Easy to use and ideal customized graphical user interface
Control of rapidly increasing product variety
Optimal management of the trend towards ever smaller lot sizes

Why mathematical optimization algorithms?

Deterministic decision-making: Reproducible repeatability of optimal planning results
Modern powerful solution algorithms at the current state of research
Transparent consistency of generated production plans
Conclusive structuring of computed solutions
Controllable and rapid adaptability to new production scenarios (Disruption Management)
Firm control over the design complexity

Wide range of usable solution algorithms, solvers and tools

In-house development of mathematical solution algorithms
Use of existing mathematical libraries
Use of mathematical high end solutions of the IBM-ILOG Software Products Division

Content Start Up Kit – Production Planning

  • One or more workshops, each about 4 hours:
    • Problem analysis
    • As is situation
    • Identification of optimization objectives and constraints
    • Modeling aspects
  • Preliminary considerations concerning choice of tools and algorithms
  • Draft (rough) specification
  • 4– 10 mandays
  • Presentation of results and further steps


Sfefanie Kritzinger

Head of Unit Logistics Informatics
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